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Freedom Futures Collective

We gonna get free, or die tryin'

Freedom Futures Collective (FFC) is a multi-award winning multimedia group of artist activists. The collective was envisioned by producer and educator, OnRaé LaTeal in response to the 2020 uprisings centering Breonna Taylor and George Floyd. Her intention was to build a team of intergenerational creatives who would work collaboratively to fight against police violence and amplify the movement for ALL Black lives.


The collective includes experienced creatives, artist educators and youth artists. Together, FFC members curate special programming, installations, multi-media projects and informal education resources targeting key social justice issues that impact marginalized communities. ​​Most importantly, FFC provides intensive internships, paid opportunities and specialized training for young artist activists interested in harnessing their art as a tool to end systemic racism.

FFC is commissioned by local and international organizations to support their social justice campaigns, programming engagements, direct actions, and other initiatives dedicated to creating an equitable, inclusive and sustainable future. ​​

Who we serve:

  • social justice organizations

  • youth-serving organizations 

  • professional artists/creators

  • schools and universities 

  • cultural art institutions

Clients have included:

open socirty transparent.png
dupont underground.png

 Debut Project | “We Keep Us Safe” 

Seven youth artists helped to produce FFC’s debut project while serving as Production Team interns for eight weeks. The audio/visual project, “We Keep Us Safe” explores the reimagining of public safety and challenged program participants to develop skills in music production, film production and civic leadership.


Production Team interns and FFC’s founding members worked collaboratively to produce an array of original freedom songs, music videos, short films, and immersive excerpts spotlighting core organizers in Washington, D.C.


 Connect with us 

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